Thursday morning training

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Up early today as it feels like summer is finally arriving – the big tease – and back into training this old body. A 3 mile run to the gym and 32 lengths which, give or take, is a half mile. The outdoor pool opens in 10 days so will get a tan while training :)

new beginnings

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new beginnings

Ralph Eugene Meatyard

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Ralph_Eugene _Meatyard_awesome

bigging up a pretty spooky and disturbing photographer - Ralph Eugene Meatyard

abandoned farmhouses, central Kentucky bluegrass, family weekend outings in derelict spaces around Lexington - Old Georgetown Street.

eyebrow fail

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eyebrow fail

Little Honda P25 by Chicara Nagata

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1966 Little Honda P25 by Chicara Nagata

I got sent this by David Koi, his dream machine – however after reading a bit further I realised this is made from a mini Honda P25 engine – from 1966! The front/top part is a digital camera?

It works i.e. you can ride it don the road (maybe not street legal) which is awesome. The security camera works and I would imagine it will pop up in some film this year.

Made by Chicara Nagata who is a mechanical genius – go check out some of his other creations –

pointless display ads

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In 2012, 1.8 trillion display ads were paid for, but not seen. 

On average, depending on your payment model, each CPM ad costs £0.01 – 1 pence.

That is £18,000,000,000 worth of ads paid for that NO ONE EVER SAW.

re:ply movie night at Govanhill Baths – TONIGHT!

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from Danny:

re:ply would like to welcome all skateboarders to Cultural Canons and Kickflips at the Govanhill baths for the Skate film night tomorrow night, and to come for a skate all day before hand!

See you there. ‪#‎replyskateboards‬


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